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Rare Cars, Parts & Pepsi Bottles

You ever hear the story of how Machu Picchu was found? Hiram Bingham was in the Andes Mountains looking for something else, but a guide knew of some ruins nearby. The guide took him there, yet nothing could be seen until he came around a rock outcropping. And there it was, Machu Picchu in all its jungle-covered glory. This yard I photographed in the hills of North Carolina, while not to that level of discovery, had its own historically significant pieces in the ground.

I was in North Carolina for the 2014 Hot Rod Power Tour but got there a few days early to allow myself time to photograph barn finds. A mutual friend relayed me a name and number to call about a few cool cars that were sitting nearby. When I called, a woman picked up. I asked for the gentleman who had all the cars. She [...]

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