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As Larry Fisette told it, “I couldn’t believe it was in there. That it had been sitting there all that time.” The story is, a couple bought the Vette in Chicago in 1964 and drove it home to Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. Then, the husband began the restoration project. So, the ’54 Corvette roadster had been parked and torn apart until 2014, over 50 years. “He had jacked the body off the frame and pulled out the motor,” Larry recalled.

Fisette believes life is sometimes more about luck than skill. He’s already known in the hobby as the man who found 21 trailers full of Chevrolet muscle cars and parts. He calls this find luck, too.

One day a man and his wife walked into Larry’s business, De Pere Auto Center in De Pere, Wisconsin, to look for Chevrolet parts from these 21 trailers. The wife then revealed, “We have a ’54 Corvette, as well.” Fisette [...]

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