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Corvette E-Ray

The Corvette world seems to love rumors and GM is happy to oblige. Just a short time ago, Chevrolet patented the name “Corvette E-Ray”. What does this mean? Who knows, as GM surely is not talking. This could easily mean nothing, as automakers file dozens of patents a year. They file these patents to protect brand names, for concept cars, or maybe just to watch how people react.

Corvette E-Ray

Could GM be thinking about an all-electric or hybrid Corvette? I am sure GM is always thinking about what they could do sometime down the road, but could they be thinking about doing this sooner rather than later? If so, it would have to be on a greatly modified version of the C7 Corvette, as the Vette is so tuned, there’s really no room for a battery pack, electric motors, or anything that would point to a future hybrid powertrain in there. It may be fun to drive a super Low-Center-Of-Gravity, super Torquie, All-Electric, 700+ HP all-wheel-drive Corvette.

What do you think we will see first, a Mid-Engine Zora, an All-Electric E-Ray, or a Hybrid Corvette?

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